Author retweets Pence’s tweets against Trump’s call for Muslim ban to remind him of his hypocrisy.

J.K. Rowling came heavily against the ban on Muslims on Twitter. She slammed Mike Pence over the issue, with a Bible verse, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Matthew 16:26.” She added this verse to a retweet she made of his 2015 Twitter comment in which he called the ban on Muslims as unconstitutional.

The world-famous author was criticized by many Twitter users, to whom she gave returned equally strong responses. She even criticized the media for not calling the culprits behind the burning of the Quebec City Mosque as terrorists.

Like many others, Rowling too attacked Pence because of the latter’s blatant change in stance. When Trump first said that Muslims should be banned from the U.S., he condemned this idea calling it offensive and unconstitutional. Then a governor, Pence tweeted everyone had a right guaranteed by the Constitution to exercise religious freedom openly.

Ironically, Pence was himself trying to stop the settlement of Syrian refugees in his state of Indiana. In fact, his attempts were called as discriminatory and were stopped due to lack of sufficient evidence of the refugees causing a public safety threat by the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Pence changed his stance on the ban later when he became Donald Trump’s running mate. In an interview, he was asked about how he felt towards Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims. He responded saying Trump only wanted to ban people from countries that are known to be places from where terrorists come, and not to ban all Muslims altogether.

Twitter users, however, were not convinced about this, and retweeted his original tweets against Trump. Rowling’s retweet itself has been retweeted many times over, besides starting a whole new string of comments, some supporting her, and others criticizing her. Despite the criticism, Rowling was undaunted, and responded to these hate messages in her characteristic wit and sarcasm.

Trump’s move has been criticized in the world-over as being discriminatory and Islamophobic. Trump himself claims that he has not banned Muslims from entering the U.S., but only people from seven countries that happen to be Muslim nations. This is very much reminiscent of what Pence himself said when asked about Trump’s position on banning Muslims.

Most of his voters support his decision and feel “safer” because of the ban.


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