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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Pledges Support for Muslims

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In a meeting with Muslim leaders, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi listened to concerns of Muslim communities and pledged to help.

On Monday, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Muslim leaders to discuss some of the most important concerns of Muslim communities in the country.  Notably present were Mohd Hamid, Syed Sultan-Ul-Hasan Chishti Misbahi, Hazrat Ghulam YasinSahib, Sheik Wasim Ashrafi, Allama Tasleem Raaza Sahib, and four other prominent Muslim leaders.

The meeting focused on two key issues: security concerns, particularly regarding terrorism and radicalization, and the socio-economic conditions of Muslims in one of the world’s largest economies.

>Anti-Islam Sentiments Growing in India

India had its own share of terrorism attacks in the past. And the current unrest in several neighboring Middle East countries will also likely to threaten Indian security. But the main concern of the local Muslim communities is the growing anti-Islam sentiment in India. Similar with US and Europe, Muslims are generalized as terrorists or sources of security threats in the country.

The government of Narendra Modi has always been a cause of worry for Muslims because of its perceived pro-Hindutva agenda. In fact there are several radical or extremist groups promising to make India Muslim and Christian-free in the coming decades. Certain Muslim mosques and shrines were also the subject of hate attacks.

Muslims: an Underprivileged Minority

Even if the government will claim that discrimination and the caste system have long been eliminated in India, it is still widely visible today. And it’s not only among the poor Hindus but cultural minorities as well like Muslims. The Muslim leaders present in the meeting sought the help of PM Narendra Modi when it comes to the Muslim youth education and improvement of existing facilities that would contribute to their socio-economic growth or improvement.

In exchange, the Muslim community has pledge its full support to the government and to its goals of further economic prosperity, unity, security, and peace.

As a result of the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to address their educational requirements and enhance their socio-economic conditions. He has also promised to look at the Muslim communities’ property concerns. And in the end, the Prime Minister highlighted the future role of Muslim youth in nation-building.


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