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Greater Church of Lucifer Vandalized Just Days After Christian Protest

via video screenshot
via video screenshot
Just days after opening the first Luciferian Church in the U.S., the Greater Church of Lucifer was vandalized and caught on tape.

The Church of Lucifer which opened in Spring, Texas, found several angry Christians protesting outside its building ahead of their first meeting on Halloween.

Greater Church of Lucifer Vandalized Just Days After Christian Protest[/tweetthis]

Michael Ford, co-president of the Greater Church of Lucifer said they had a right to be there and felt sorry for those wasting their time outside because they were not going to amend his opinions and he was not going to alter their beliefs. In spite of the usage of the word “church,” Ford claimed that it was a philosophical organization. However, according to their filing before the Austin County Courthouse in January 2015, co-founder Jacob No described it as a religion. The intention of filing paperwork before the court was to “do business.”

Despite misconceptions about their name, Luciferians do not worship Satan. According to Chron, “Lucifer” refers to its Latin translation, “light bearer.” Their beliefs can be more closely linked to humanism.

However, the protesters still maintained that the Church of Lucifer worships satan. Christians hold that that atheism is one of the ways the Devil turns people away from God, and were not deterred. They came with statues of the Virgin Mary and held signs that read "We are one nation under God and Satanism is NOT an American value!" and also quoted Genesis 3:15.

Among the protestors was Christine Weick, who had previously made the news for opposing a Muslim prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral, and was also escorted out for trying to recite the Lord's Prayer at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In response to the Church of Lucifer’s co-President’s statement that religions need to co-exist with each other, Hemant Mehta called Ford “brilliant” and “mature.”

The Church was vandalized last night and captured in surveillance video posted to their Facebook page.

(Video Updated to show break of window)November 2nd 2015Our new building at 310 Main Street was vandalized at 8:18…

Posted by Greater Church of Lucifer on Monday, November 2, 2015


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