Georgia Senate Passes Bill That Allows “State Sanctioned Discrimination” Against LGBT

By DXR (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By DXR (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Georgia Senate passes anti-LGBT religious freedom bill.

The State Senate of Georgia voted to bring in anti-LGBT discrimination which will be sent to Georgia's House of Representatives. The subsequent response to this “First Amendment Defense Act” marks the first of multiple “religious freedom bills.” The Georgia legislature is considering these bills. They will permit individuals to quote personal religious beliefs which may be utilized for LGBT discrimination in Georgia.

Georgia Senate Passes Bill That Allows “State Sanctioned Discrimination” Against LGBT[/tweetthis]

The Senate passed House Bill 757 by 38 to 14 post a debate that went on for three hours. The debate was a heated one and it passed House by 161 to 0. However, the Senate version was blended with a yet more controversial bill.

The bill mixes with Pastor Protection Act. This will permit religious leaders to stop performing any same sex marriage. The First Amendment Defense Act, according to critics, will permit the tax funded groups the provision of denying their services to lesbians and gays.

One such bill “Religious Freedom Inspiration Act” allows businesses and individuals to discriminate against the LGBT community in Georgia. It may also lead to problems linked to domestic violence, public safety and child welfare.

The list of other bills under consideration include:

  • House Bill 218 – Preventing Government Overreach on Religious Expression Act
  • House Bill 756 – Discrimination Protection Act
  • House Bill 870 and Senate Bill 309 – Student Athletic Uniforms and Play
  • Senate Resolution 388 – Georgia State Constitutional Amendment to Fund Religious Organizations
  • Senate Bill 284 – First Amendment Defense Act of Georgia
  • House Bill 816 – Student Religious Freedom Act
  • House Bill 757 – Pastor Protection Act
  • A Republican Senator, Greg Kirk, said that this revised bill consists of equal protection. They do not discriminate.

    The Georgia Senate gave a 36 to 19 vote to stop any amendments related to the colloquial “First Amendment Defense Act.” This act permits any taxpayer sponsored, faith-centric agency or non-profit to bar all services related to the religious beliefs. The First Amendment Defense Act will give impetus to state-supported discrimination on LGBT people living in Georgia. It will also affect unwed parents, people belonging to other faiths and single mothers- done under the cloak of “religious freedom.”

    According to critics, including Georgia United against Discrimination, the bill is practically “state sanctioned discrimination.” It said that this move will permit organizations funded by the taxpayers to legally follow discriminatory practices against the LGBT Georgians.


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