NSL Studio Paris

An advertisement for a job in France has angered many around the world for it’s explicit antisemitism with an explicit “no Jews.”

NSL Studio, a Paris-based advertising company, posted a listing that seemed normal to most people seeking jobs. Among the requirements was a person who was motivated and rigorous. However, one of the lines of the ad listing read “if possible not Jewish”, which has angered religious rights groups as well as citizens who are still reeling from the recent terror attack. Now, NSL Studio is looking into the discriminatory ad and has come up with multiple explanations for the job listing.

An Erratic Job

When a French magazine first picked up the job advertisement, they immediately made NSL Studio aware of the problem while simultaneously posting about it on their social media accounts. One of the first explanations that were offered by the company was that they did not mean to discriminate against any potential employees. They only meant that they were facing a busy period of work that required all new workers to be completely dedicated to their graphic design position. From what this spokesperson said, they were merely looking out for the best interests of a person from a religious background so that they would not be forced to choose between work and their personal life.

Another Possibility Emerges

However, hours after the troublesome posting was taken down and the initial spokesperson gave a statement about respecting a person’s religious duties, NSL Studio offered another explanation. Apparently the company is now claiming that their posting on the website was hacked and changed by a third party, and they thanked the individuals who brought the information to their attention. In their most recent statement, NSL Studio has said that it “distances itself totally from all racist or anti-Semitic acts or statements”. They are in the process of questioning the person responsible for the initial posting to see if they can resolve the situation.

Anti-Racism Group Takes Action

A member of the SOS Racisme, an anti-racism group, has taken legal action to file a lawsuit. The lawyer, Alexandre-M Braun has said that the advertisement was clearly telling people who are Jewish that they would not be welcomed in this workplace. He said that this action is highly irresponsible and deserves to be looked into to ensure that it does not happen again.

This outrage comes at a time when Jewish sites around France are being bolstered with security to prevent attacks like the one that occurred at the Charlie Hebdo magazine just a month ago.


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