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Former Atheist Professor Believes in God After Researching Big Bang Theory

Frank Tipler

Inspired by scientists who came before him, an American atheist professor has converted to Christianity and is working to prove God is real.

Physicists are typically viewed as very critical of religion because there seems to be a constant war going on between religion and science. However, that does not always turn out to be the case. In New Orleans, a physics professor has dedicated his life to discovering the secrets of our universe – and through the process, has left his atheist beliefs for that of the Christian faith.

Tulane Professor Frank Tipler says that when he first started out his research, he was “the ultimate doubter,” always questioning the information that was given to him, and trying to find out the unbiased truth. However, when he started looking into the history of science as we know it today, he realized that a huge number of those that we consider scientists were also religious theologians. St. Thomas Aquinas is one great example that really inspired Professor Frank Tipler to look into Christianity more closely. As he studied the Big Bang and studied Christianity, he came to a point where he believed completely that only God could have created something out of nothing – in essence, the Big Bang.

Professor Frank Tipler is not the only person to have made this link before; recently, Pope Francis the leader of the Catholic Church released a statement that said that there was no inconsistency with believing in a God, and simultaneously believing in the Big Bang theory. Professor Frank Tipler has now written a book entitled The Physics of Christianity, which includes the fact that he personally came to the realization that the laws of physics “gave me no choice but to be a Christian.” He has now taking things a step further by trying to prove that singularity theory, an idea accepted by scientists, is actually made up of three singularities: a trinity.

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