Sikhs for Climate Justice

EcoSikh Protects the Environment Because of Its Sikh Beliefs

Sikhs for Climate Justice
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EcoSikh is an organization inspired by its Sikh beliefs and devoted to protecting the environment. Motivated by their faith, they seek to protect Earth.

The Sikh community’s opinions on the topics of environmentalism and climate change are directly related to the beliefs of their faith. EcoSikh is an organization designed to further that cause by promoting their faith and political efforts throughout Washington DC and the world. Their goal is to push other Sikhs, and everyone else, to become more involved in the endeavor to prevent the multitude of harmful results of climate change seen throughout the world.

Sikhs and the Earth

EcoSikh’s statement discussed the Sikh beliefs regarding the Creation of the earth, considered a “Dharamsaal” or a place to attain a union with the Divine. However, this cannot be accomplished with the continually deteriorating world around us. Furthermore, by looking into our inner-selves and the pollution occurring, we can see the chaotic nature of humans that must be corrected to help reach our full potential as human beings. Additionally, the religion teaches to vanquish anything threatening the well-being of others. These beliefs make Sikhs strong advocates for the protection of the environment.

Sikh Environment Day

For several years, this group has held an annual day dedicated to preaching their religion and environmental advocacy. Sikh Environment Day is celebrated every March 14. Many institutions recognize and participate in this event by promoting education and involvement. EcoSikh was also involved in the United Nations Interfaith Summit on Climate Change held in New York on the 23rd of September to make further strides to have their voices heard throughout more than just their surrounding community.

photo: Facebook

With the major outbreak of public opinion on climate change and environmentalism, the statements released by this group help push the effort for better measures involving carbon dioxide emissions, efficient recycling, and renewable resources to cut the detrimental impacts on the planet. Change requires many strong opinions voicing their concerns and ideas in unison for any measurable results, especially those involving cooperation by the world governments. EcoSikh will further add diversity and education with a unique perspective to the mixture of those thoughts.


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