Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito shares her & her father’s experiences in her coming out in their Catholic background and his growth in accepting his daughter as who she is.

Cameron Esposito is an American stand-up comic who frequently focuses on topics relevant to the LGBTW+ community.  Her comedy routines often touch on her identity as a lesbian; she wears her hair in a frequently referenced “side-mullet” and has no desire to sleep with men.  These facts have often informed her comedy since she became a stand-up comic.

Cameron Esposito comes from a Catholic background, and her father is a practicing Catholic.  She recently interviewed him about her sexual identity because she was curious as to how he had reconciled the confusion he felt regarding her sexuality.  The interview covered many topics, including advice for religious parents struggling to accept their child’s sexuality.  Esposito said the interview has given her some hope for religious parents being able to accept their gay children and even become advocates for them.  She says her father “had the same Catholic upbringing” as Cameron Esposito herself had, although she is sure, his childhood, “the church wasn’t more progressive” than the church of today.  She says her father’s breakthrough seemed to be because he learned to trust her and “the irrefutable evidence” of her feelings about being a lesbian.

Cameron Esposito sees the evolution of her father’s feelings about her sexuality as a sign of hope for everyone that finds themselves the gay child of religious parents.  She says that she knows that changes in viewpoints are possible and that her father is still a Catholic.  However, his attendance at Mass is less regular than it was prior to her coming out.  She says he has mixed feelings about attending because he wants to show support for his daughter. Cameron Esposito says her father is the model for how religious, straight parents can come to accept the lives and loves of their gay children.


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