Derrick Henry believes he is living proof that God answers.

Derrick Henry, running back for the University of Alabama, won the Heisman Trophy this past Saturday. The 21-year old, 242-pound college football star explained that every night, he gets down on his knees and prays to God. His message to the young people who were watching was: “God is everything. Always Keep Him first and always pray.”

In his award acceptance speech, Henry started off by thanking God, first and foremost because God had been so good to him throughout his life. He also thanked his mother, and referred to her as his “best friend,” and his father, whom he called his “number one fan.”

Henry then thanked his grandmother, saying that she was the person who made him the man he is today. He said she always reminded him to keep God first in his life, and helped keep him on the “straight and narrow.” He also said that even though she is no longer here in the flesh, he feels her here in the spirit. He also thanked his teammates for helping him along the way.

Henry, the University of Alabama junior, proudly affirmed his faith in God in front of everyone in attendance and every one watching on television. He let everyone know that he firmly believes that God hears your prayers and to always pray and keep the faith. He believes he is living proof that God answers prayers. He said he never thought he would be where he is today.

Henry won the Heisman with the 1,832 yards and 23 touchdowns he achieved this season, setting a new Southeastern Conference record. He won the closest Heisman vote since back in 2011, with 378 first-place votes. The Heisman runner-up was Christian McCaffrey, of Stanford University, who earned 1,539 points and 290 first-place votes. In third place, was Clemson University’s Deshaun Watson, earning 1,165 points and 148 first-place votes.

Henry said he never thought he’d end up where he is and that he has achieved a lifelong dream by winning the prestigious Heisman award. He thanks God for all of it and his proud motto was: “Keep God first, always pray and always chase your dreams.”


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