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Celebrating 4th of July as an American Muslim


As proud Americans, 4th of July is a special day for all of us.

We celebrate July 4th in our special ways. We enjoy fireworks, take part in parades with decorated floats, and beautify our homes with flags. We do all this because we love our homeland.

Love for my country is part of my faith. It’s deeply rooted in me as an American Muslim. We as Muslims take pride in being loyal citizens.

Celebrating 4th of July as an American Muslim[/tweetthis]

The Worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community talking on the subject of loyalty and Islam in Germany on May 30, 2012 said:

“Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) himself taught that the ‘love for one’s nation is a part of faith.’ Thus, sincere patriotism is a requirement in Islam. To truly love God and Islam requires a person to love his nation. It is quite clear, therefore, that there can be no conflict of interest between a person’s love for God, and love for his country. As love for one’s country has been made a part of Islam, it is quite clear that a Muslim must strive to reach the highest standards of loyalty to his chosen country, because that is a means of reaching God and becoming close to Him. Hence, it is impossible that the love a true Muslim holds for God could ever prove to be an impediment or barrier preventing him from displaying true love and faithfulness towards his country.”

Love for one’s country is a sentiment which is universally true and is beyond the bounds of color, race, origin or religion. His Holiness added further on the subject:

“It is essential for a citizen of any country to establish a relationship of genuine loyalty and faithfulness to his nation. It does not matter whether he is a born citizen, or whether he gains citizenship later in life, either through immigration or by any other means.”

The question arises, we all may claim that we love our country more than others but what is true reflection of our love? I believe our actions should speak louder than our words. His Holiness expanded on the subject in the following words while addressing a gathering on August 21, 2017 in Germany:

“Certainly, all Ahmadi Muslims who are living in this country, whether born or immigrants, must be loyal citizens and seek to help the nation progress and develop. Students should strive to excel so that they can go on to serve the nation, whilst businessmen or women should always be honest in their dealings and display integrity and should ensure that they pay all their taxes and fulfill their duties to the State. Our members should always remember the favors of this nation whereby they are able to practice their faith freely and are being accepted into this nation. They should live here as true loyal citizens of this nation.”

The message of His Holiness is a guiding light for Ahmadi Muslims living in all parts of the world in its application to their respective countries.

America is a diverse country and it is imperative for us all to be united and practice true integration. His Holiness explaining the true meaning of integration added:

“True integration requires that all people live peacefully with one another, manifest a spirit of love and kindness and, whether male or female, use all their faculties and capabilities to serve their nation and to help it advance.”

This Independence Day, let’s acknowledge and show gratitude for the freedoms we all enjoy by coming together and rejecting fear, divisions and hatred. Let’s pledge that we will continue to uphold our core values of love, compassion and justice as a nation.

Happy 4th of July to all!


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