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Updated for 2016

What Do World Religions Do During the Holiday Season?

Typically when we say “the holiday season” in America we think of Christmas and Hanukkah. But what about religions other than Christianity and Judaism? Do they observe any holidays in the wintertime?

Discover what world religions do during the holiday season in this information-packed infographic, which provides a quick snapshot on the holidays as observed by Hindus; Sikhs; Shintoists; Bahá’ís; Wiccans; Buddhists; Jews; Atheists, Agnostics and religiously unaffiliated; Christians, including Catholics, Mormons, Protestant and Eastern and Oriental Orthodox; Jains; Scientologists; and Taoists.

Find the answers to the questions: Which religions celebrate Christmas? How many days does Hanukkah last? How did the Christmas tree tradition start? Who was the real Santa Claus?


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