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Christian Groups Are Troubled By Teen Suicide TV Show ’13 Reasons Why’

Christians Have Problem With TV Show "13 Reasons Why"

Groups Accuse TV Show 13 Reasons Why of Glorifying Sin

The television show 13 Reasons Why has been controversial since it first aired on Netflix. It has been accused of glorifying suicide, and some mental health professionals have claimed that it hurts their ability to accurately identify teens in crisis because children are aping lines from the drama.

Christian Groups Are Troubled By Teen Suicide TV Show ’13 Reasons Why'[/tweetthis]

Christian groups have now added their ire into the mix. The American Family Association has created an online petition to have the show taken off Netflix and to not show the upcoming second season. The argument is not so much based on faith, but that the show leads to teens committing suicide. However it is unclear if the show caused suicides or if children who were already depressed and experiencing suicidal thoughts were drawn to the show because they were able to relate to the content..

The show’s creators have said 13 Reasons Why is a show that does not glorify suicide but instead illustrates the consequences of a person’s actions and urges teens to think about how they treat others.

13 Reasons Why was a huge success and was the most tweeted about show of 2017.

Netflix has said the show will add cautionary messages preceding each episode, but still plans to release the second season.

The Bible never directly mentions suicide as a sin, but it is believed suicide prevents you from fulfilling God’s plan.


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