Eric Reid Calls Christians Who Criticize Kaepernick Hypocrites

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Argues About Speaking For The Voiceless

Christian players of the NFL, like Eric Reid, who support the social justice movement started by Colin Kaepernick want people of the same faith who oppose Kaepernick to question themselves: if Jesus was present at this moment, what would he do? Reid kneeled with Kaepernick for “The Star Spangled Banner” in 2016. When asked why he did this with his ex-San Francisco 49ers teammate, he justified his action by replying that he wants to be the voice of those who have no voice of their own.

Reid said he has discussed matters of faith with Kaepernick. The latter has not been picked up any team after the controversy began. In his interview with a prominent media house, the 25-year-old Reid said the reason for such a proactive stance, is he and his like-minded teammates love people. He pointed out the Bible instructs the faithful to love others as one loves oneself. This is the only reason for such a step.

He continued on to say they speak for people who are unable to speak for themselves. Reid said his faith propelled him to begin the protest and the same continues to drive him. He said God has prepared him to face such actions.

Reid said he sees the hypocrisy in people who identify themselves as Christians. He reminded the media Jesus entered the house of God and when he witnessed money being made inside, he became angry and overturned tables. Jesus said the merchants have made God’s house a marketplace and hence the cause of such a drastic action.

Reid’s story is a popular one and found in multiple books related to New Testament. These passages describe Christ setting foot in the Jerusalem temple. His actions drove out the money changers and the merchants. Jesus clearly displays righteous anger in the verses. Many Christians take this as a kind of social protest against people who wants to take undue advantage of the oppressed and the poor.

This kneeling when the US national anthem was being played had drawn substantial criticism. The NFL is practically flooded by it. President Donald Trump has also weighed in, saying team owners must sack any player who kneels during the play of the anthem. Kaepernick has complained team owners have colluded against him for protesting against brutality done by police on African-Americans along with a host of other issues.


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