Ozzy Osborne Visits Christian Theme Park

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The visit was part of a new TV show.

Ozzy Osborne is not a name many people would mention in the same conversation, let alone sentence, with a Christian theme park. Yet the whole world was treated to a rather surprising treat when the English rock-and-roll singer and TV celebrity accompanied his son, Jack, to the Bible-based Ark Encounter in Kentucky.

The duo filmed their visit as a part of their ongoing show Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour. The television series is centered on the duo’s visit to locations as they attempt to mend their estranged father-son relationship.

According to show insiders, the show executives had to clearly define the show’s intentions to the museum directors. The show assured the directors that the visit would be an honest one with no hidden ulterior motives. After the satisfaction of the museum’s leadership qualms, the show was given the green light. The museum did stress on viewer discretion when watching the episode as Ozzy has a reputation for not using family-friendly language.

The theme park sits on 800 acres of land in Kentucky. The design of the theme park is focused on the biblical description of Noah’s ark. They wanted to capture the authenticity of the original ark so all the dimensions fit those God gave Noah to the gigantic boat. The museum promotes the biblical flood theory.

The museum was built with the intention of exposing the Bibles teachings to the world. This mission is believed to have played a big role in getting Ozzy’s show access to the theme park. The museum leadership also capitalized on the free publicity that the show brought to the theme park. The numbers suggest that visits to the Ark Encounter theme park in Kentucky rose by huge margins after the show aired. The numbers were so high that they exceeded the numbers posted when the park opened. The rise was also attributed to many Kentucky locals finally visiting the theme park.

Ozzy was also impressed by the park and chose to take a couple of interesting pictures with his fans across different social media platforms.


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