New CBS Show Is About An Atheist Who Finds God…on  Facebook

God Friended Me Is Latest Faith Show on CBS

If you got a friendly reply from God what would you message Him? Would the use of emoticons be inappropriate? CBS’s new show God Friended Me revolves around this very question.

The show is about an atheist who is forthright about his belief there is no god. That changes when he is friended by God on Facebook. While the details of the show are still broad it seems that the connection to God gives him information that will allow him to positively change the lives of others. The show is being labeled a comedy that will explore the different aspects of faith, science, and belief.

This is not the first faith-based show that CBS has made. It also made the widely successful Touched by An Angel and Joan of Arcadia. It also approved another comedy called Living Biblically. This show seems slightly similar to the ABC show Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, about a man who is trying to do good while guided by an angel.

The show is created by Steven Lilien and Bryan Wymbart, who are known for their superhero drama shows like Arrov, Supergirl, and Gotham.

It is unclear how God will be depicted, but given the lack of controvery in the previous shows it made, it will likely be respectful. No religious organizations have condemned or praised the show so far.


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