Experience a Christian Music Festival This Summer

Some of the most popular Christian music festivals Christian festivals are periods of time where Christians commemorate important religious markers and principles. These festivals

Selena Gomez Says She Has Faith but Does Not Believe in Religion

Although the 24-year-old actress has been known for her association with Hillsong United Church, she insists the word "religion" freaks her out. https://youtu.be/QRnrWF5GGZo Selena

Mormon Musicians Are Dominating Billboard’s Classical Music Charts

Mormon musicians are finding big time success. Latter-day Saints are making waves in music, making a big impact in the industry and listeners’ lives

Sistine Chapel Choir, AKA “Pope’s Choir” to Make Rare U.S. Visit

After a gap of 30 years, the ‘Pope’s Choir’ is set to make another historic visit to the US. Detroit is gearing up for

Snoop Dogg is Working on a Gospel Album

Rap-god Snoop Dogg now announces decision to come out with a Gospel album, after previous associations with Nation of Islam and Rastafarianism. The latest

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell’s Religion and Beliefs

Although he insisted he was not part of any religion, Cornell has indicated signs of him being a believer on numerous occasions, including in

James Taylor, Amy Grant, Sting, & More on New Mormon Tabernacle Choir Album

Mormon Tabernacle & Friends album will be released May 12, 2017. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is one of the largest religious, commercial choirs in

How Music Festivals and Religion are Intertwined

The connection between faith and music is undeniable, especially in the context of music festivals. "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to

Chance the Rapper is Redefining What it Means to Be A Christian Rapper

Chance the Rapper is making people think twice about what it means to be a Christian musician. LA Weekly describes two types of Christian

Katy Perry Opens up About Her Sexuality and Conversion Therapy

Katy Perry was taught to 'pray the gay away.' At the 2017 Human Rights Campaign Gala, Katy Perry, the 32-year-old pop sensation, spoke about