Why Has Kendrick Lamar Has Been Baptized Twice?

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Kendrick Lamar Might Be The Most Christian Rapper Of His Generation

Musician Kendrick Lamar is a devout Christian. He has been baptized twice. The first one was done when he was 16. The second happened when he was in his twenties. The first baptism was forced to by his parents, while the second was his own decision. The singer decided to be baptized a second time while he was on a spiritual journey to form a better relationship with God.

Kendrick Lamar’s religion has always been a massive factor in his life. Unlike the popular image of most rappers, Kendrick doesn’t smoke, is in a long-term monogamous relationship, and rarely drinks. For Halloween, he dressed as Jesus Christ because that is who he idolizes the most in his life.

Warning: Profane Langauge

Most of his albums are intensely personal reflections on his relationship with his faith. In 2016 when he released his Untitled Unmastered album he sang “I made To Pimp a Butterfly ‘fore you told me / To use my vocals to save man-kind for you / Say I didn’t try for you, say I didn’t ride for you / I tied for you, I pushed the club to the side for you / Who love you like I love you? / Crucifix, tell me you can fix.” Each album takes a different outlook on God. His most recent work DAMN. was more pessimistic. He makes several references to Job, the man in the bible who is forsaken by God to test his faith. Lamar draws a comparison between the experience of blacks in America and what Job suffered through. He has spoken his belief in interviews that “we’re in the last days, man. I truly in my heart believe that…It’s written.”

But Lamar is not labeled a “Christian rapper” like NF or Lecrae. Part of this comes from the complexity of his topics. His songs discuss politics, pop culture, religion, race relations, misogyny, and income inequality. They are woven together with lyrics that are cerebral and require multiple listens to understand their layered meaning. It also stems from the fact that while Lamar is one of the most famous rappers on the planet, he is quiet about his personal life and avoids the limelight.


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