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Christian Rapper NF Has #1 Album in America

Christian Rapper NF Has #1 Album

New album Perception is at the top of Billboard charts.

Know the rapper NF? If not, that will change quickly. The Michigan Christian rapper’s new album Perception, released on October 6, has reached #1 on the Billboard chart this week. This does not seem too surprising when you understand that his previous album Therapy Session reached the top of the Billboard Top Rap Album Chart and had a sold out 40 city tour.

Christian Rapper NF Has #1 Album in America[/tweetthis]

26-year-old Nathan Feuerstein began rapping at 12-years-old to escape an abusive home and a drug-addicted mother. He has been compared to Eminem with his fast lyricism, deeply personal lyrics, and a raw edge. His new album has been positively reviewed, with a particular focus on better production values and stronger lyricism.

So what is a Christian rapper? This term loosely means someone who does not focus on materialism as a topic for songs, refrains from cursing and openly discusses their faith in their lyrics. Ascribing to this model is done at various levels. NF has stated “I’m a Christian, but I’m just an artist… it’s like if you’re a Christian and you’re a plumber, are you a Christian plumber?” Many of his songs do not mention God or his faith but pursue themes of being true to oneself and authentic. His single “let you down” is about his inability to meet the standards of someone who can only see others through themselves. The music video has 1.7 million views on YouTube.

The album has themes that universally relatable, not exclusive to any religion or denomination. This could be part of the reason this album was able to reach such wide success and upset Florida rapper Lil Pump’s album release at the same time.


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