He claims that this kind of shield has worked in previous storms

Televangelist Pat Robertson has requested his followers to join a prayer so that they can together cast what he termed “shield of protection” to stop Hurricane Florence from proceeding inward further into land. The Right Wing Watch shared a video where the prosperous televangelist recalled a Bible passage. The slice of text in question refers to the event where Jesus orders the water and wind of the Sea of Galilee. Christ orders them to be "be still."

Robertson's public call to prayer can also be construed as a call for self-survival. A huge storm is on course to hit the Carolinas during the weekend of second September week. The coastal areas are now mostly evacuated. Virginia is the home of his Christian Broadcasting Network, a media organization owned and controlled by him. All his assets are on the path of this storm.

Robertson asked his followers to do the same: pray to the almighty. There was one condition though: they must not harbor any doubts in their hearts. Robertson said to pray, and their hands towards the Atlantic Ocean and repeatedly utter an incantation. The latter consists of the faithful asking Hurricane Florence to stop its forward movement and revert without doing any harm to the Atlantic. The incantation utters Christ's name and exhorts the storm to move off in Jesus name. The last sentence orders the storm to stop from further going inland.

The astoundingly rich evangelist declared what he terms “shield of protection” covering Virginia. The shield will also supposedly protect innocent individuals caught up in the path of the storm. Robertson has claimed that his so-called shield has worked against almost all previous hurricanes. To further bolster his claim, he added that it was funny to see the storm trying to wreak havoc and then failing. He said the storms try to enter land repeatedly. The storms move north and again try to get in. They cannot as God put a shield to keep them out of habitable areas.

Governors of four states-Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina- have already declared a state of emergency due to the prediction of hurricane arrival. Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of District of Columbia, also declared a state of emergency applicable for the capital of the United States on September 12. Over one million people living on the East Coast were asked to leave the area as the hurricane gathers strength.


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