Host Seemed Angered by Church of Jediism

Those waiting for the next Star Wars movie got a Jedi battle on Good Morning Britain. But it wasn’t exactly what you might be thinking. Piers Morgan got into a heated exchange with Daniel Jones, the founder of the Church of Jediism, ending with lightsaber battle and an apology. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

The Church of Jediism is based on the beliefs of the Jedi, the popular figures from Star Wars. Daniel Jones explained that the religion emphasizes mindfulness and helping others. The organization has over 500,000 members worldwide.

Piers Morgan, a devoted Catholic, was not impressed. He called it “a load of claptrap” and insisted on finding Daniel Jones’ position about Jesus and whether the Church of Jediism was a religion. He felt the concept was insulting to existing religions and was just “running round with swords.”

Clearly agitated, he then took a lightsaber from under his desk and began to duel with the weatherman. Finally, Piers had to apologize after the fight, when a 6-year-old boy attacked him for disparaging Jedis and Star Wars. His final point was that if the Church of Jediism provides some sort of comfort, then it is acceptable.

Piers Morgan has attacked Star Wars and alternative views to religion before. His claims have been that they are intentionally designed to annoy Christians.


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