Pope Francis is “A Rebel For Jesus” Says Katy Perry

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The singer loves the pontiff’s frugal lifestyle.

Katy Perry admires Pope Francis and is not shy to admit it during her interview with Vogue. The American singer met the pontiff briefly in person when she attended the “United to Cure” event at the Vatican. The Pontifical Council for Culture hosted the event. Perry brought her mother and Orlando Bloom, Hollywood actor and boyfriend, to the occasion.

Perry described Pope Francis as a "rebel for Jesus," and a mix of compassion, sternness, refusal, and humility. She said the pontiff has brought the Catholic Church back to its core belief of humility. The singer also liked how he connects with the people and his humble, non-frivolous nature. Perry appreciated the present pope's decision to assume the name Francis, the saint hailing from Assisi, who is also her favorite saint. She also likes how he continues to follow a frugal life and loves animals.

Perry was selected to speak at the global meeting about benefits to be had from Transcendental Meditation, a method she believes helped her to control her stress and anxiety. In her personal life, she avidly supports the David Lynch Foundation, the organization which pushes transcendental meditation education. The singer was invited to speak in Rome by Bob Roth, the CEO of the Foundation, an offer which she quickly accepted.

Although Perry's mother was a Roman Catholic at birth, she became an evangelical like her father in later life. The singer experienced a wide range of emotions when her mother sung songs during Mass. “She hadn’t sung those songs in 40 years and watching her made me cry,” Perry said. “It’s so beautiful and humbling to re-center in a place where it’s not about anything else but reconnecting with the divine.”

Perry's mother has also prayed for her daughter to return to the faith. The singer said she never left God but became a little secular and materialistic. She also admitted to becoming more career driven. She has become more spiritual after she crossed into her 30s. On Easter Sunday, Perry shared a photograph on Instagram of an old tattoo on her wrist that reads "Jesus.” Only a few weeks post her announcement of preparing for a considerable "soul overhaul." She said that she is preparing to have her own family someday.

my brokenness + God’s Divinity = my wholeness ?

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