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Kathie Lee Gifford Says She Won’t Date Non-Christians

Kathie Lee Gifford Says She Won’t Date Non-Christians
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Kathie Lee Gifford says loneliness is her greatest pain.

Kathie Lee Gifford is open to allow another man into her heart even though she continues to mourn the death of her husband, once the running back of New York Giants and later a massively popular sportscaster, Frank Gifford in August 2015. Kathie Lee, now 64-years-old, shared her feelings during a media interview on March 14.

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Gifford’s husband died on August 9, 2015 at 84-years-old. She said she found happiness in Jesus Christ after his death when she was at her lowest and when a feeling of loneliness engulfed her. She admitted to loneliness being the bane of her life. Gifford explained, saying that her parents were dead and now her husband too. It does not help that her children live far away from her. Compounding her pain is the fact that she continues to live in the house where she spent her life with Frank Gifford. The house for her contained lots of memories. Each memory only added to her feeling of intense loneliness. According to her, only her faith saved her from situations when she felt hopeless. She realized God creates joy.

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Gifford admitted she has since gone on a date, but nothing clicked between the two. According to her, the man did not share her faith. He was also unable to comprehend why she was not interested in him. She said her faith is not something she does for only an hour on Sunday mornings. She is not going to share her life with a person or even an hour of her life with a date who does not carry in his heart the same faith as her.

Gifford, however, was emphatic that she would be extremely happy to find love again. There is one condition though: the man must be a Christian and they should share a common faith. She would wait for her perfect man until he comes along. She has a pessimistic outlook, saying she believes her chance of finding love is low. She pointed out that she is interested in men who are unafraid of strong women.

Gifford has put her faith in the Almighty and said she will follow what God has willed for her.


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