Justin Bieber Surprises Coachella With His Faith

JUSTIN BIEBER DAY is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Singer Had Unscheduled Concert At Festival

Coachella is a festival that is known for surprises. From special guest appearances to crazy effects there is an endless supply of wonder and merriment.

But what Justin Bieber did is unexpected, even by Coachella standards. Bieber, who was not in the lineup to officially perform, went to the Churchome event. This was designed by Pastor Judah Smith, one of Bieber’s spiritual mentors, to offer a way for Christians attending to worship. Bieber came and performed some Christian songs, as well as inviting people to worship.

It is unclear if this was after Bieber engaged in a fight, helping a woman who was being attacked by a man. Bieber has made his faith more prominent recently. He has attended Hillsong Church events and made numerous religious comments at his shows.

It was unclear if the event was planned or impromptu.


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