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Ed Sheeran Wants His Own Church

Ed Sheeran Wants His Own Church
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Singer has put in architectural plans for a chapel on his estate.

In a world where Tyrese has a Benihana restaurant, a Starbucks, and a nightclub on his property, it does not seem too farfetched for Ed Sheeran to want his own chapel.

Ed Sheeran Wants His Own Church[/tweetthis]

The Grammy award-winning singer would like to build a Saxon-style church on his property. Saxon-style churches are known for their large cylinder and brick facade. While it is a church, it will be non-denominational and has supposedly been made for a wide range of religions. Therefore, the fact it is made into a Christian church does not mean it is just for Christian faiths.

The motivation for the church is two-fold. First, it will be where his upcoming wedding to childhood buddy Cherry Seaborn will be held. He has stated that a local church near his home will not be enough discretion for all the high profile individuals that will be in attendance. Secondly, the church will be a private sanctuary for him to be involved in “contemplation and prayer.” In fact, the need for people’s privacy seems to be the consistent factor for attendance.

The church will be small and will only have pew space for about 24 people. It will have stained glass and a 48-foot tower as well.

The local city council has not yet approved the plans for the church.

Ed Sheeran is thought to be a Christian, but the singer generally has kept quiet about his religious beliefs.

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