Angry comments to Avril Lavigne on Instagram after perceiving the song to be an anti-religious

Avril Lavigne released her latest single I Fell in Love With the Devil, and it has created quite a bit of controversy with her Christian supporters. Many feel the title of the song, as well as the gothic-styled promotional images, are exalting evil.

Two promotional photos were posted on Instagram; one photo has the singer holding a cross wearing black gloves and a nun’s habit. Both images were captioned #IFellinLoveWiththeDevil.

Several people have posted angry comments to Avril Lavigne on Instagram after perceiving the song to be an anti-religious. A former fan since her debut wrote the new single is a turnoff and told Lavigne to “get her soul right with Jesus.” One user wrote the Devil isn’t someone to be playing with, but Lavigne could do whatever she wants. Another fan unfollowed Lavigne and asked, “how can you fall in love with the Devil when God created you with [the] amazing talent which made so famous?”

Avril Lavigne has said the song I Fell in Love With the Devil is about a relationship while she was battling Lyme disease. In a February Facebook post she wrote: “Sometimes your heart conflicts with your head and leads you into situations that you know aren’t right and then once you’re there, it’s very difficult to get out.”

In June, Lavigne announced her North American tour. The tour will be her first one in more than five years.

Avril Lavigne was born into a devout Christian household with her singing in church choirs, county fairs as well as local festivals.