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Actor Woody Harrelson’s Unique View Of Religion

Actor Woody Harrelson’s Unique View Of Religion
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In Interview Actor Shares Surprising Connection To Vice President Pence

Actor Woody Harrelson is making headlines for his unusual connection to the Christian faith. In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Harrelson revealed to the host that he had attended Hanover College at the same time as Vice President Michael Pence. While this was a very interesting tidbit, Harrelson further revealed that he attended the Presbyterian college to study theology, something that the actor had not previously spoken about. According to Harrelson, he was a very religious young man when he attended Hanover College and was considering going into a full-time pastoral ministry. 

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According to Harrelson, he had a very limited relationship and contact with Mike Pence while he was studying at the college. Based on his description of Pence, he was a young man that was very serious about furthering his knowledge of theology. While the two got along while they were in school, Harrelson believes that the two would not agree on Pence’s present beliefs, which have been the topic of discussions across the nation. 

After some light-hearted chiding by Kimmel, an amused Harrelson said that he went towards the opposite end of the spectrum with regards to religion. While he could have taken the time to finish his education and became a minister, the fact was that the rigorous study and personal issues with Biblical interpretation led to the Harrelson leaving his calling. Joking, Harrelson said that rather than engage in a life of service, he descended into a life of hedonism and debauchery. The actor has been a notable supporter of marijuana use until recently.

The interview with Kimmel also brought to light the actor’s new beliefs regarding God and the bible. According to Harrelson, he was disenchanted with his theological studies because he saw the hand of man in what should have been divinity. Specifically, he was upset with the Nicaean Council and how human beings were able to change interpretations of Christianity in what suited their needs rather than what respected the foundations of the faith.

While Harrelson does believe that God still exists, his faith is somewhat different now. His new interpretation of faith is highly affected by the readings of the Autobiography of Yogi,  providing Hindu insights into the nature of God. 


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