Medieval exhibits at the Getty

Two Renaissance Art Exhibitions Exploring Religion at the Getty

The works of art were intended to evoke piety in 15th-century audiences The Getty Center in Los Angeles is presently hosting two shows: both

Light Parties Christian Alternative to Halloween

The New Christian Alternative to Halloween: Light Parties

Halloween is always a difficult situation for some Christians. Some of the themes and motifs seem to have some tension with Christian morals and

religion background for thor ragnarok

What Is The Religious Background To Thor: Ragnarok?

On November 1 Marvel is releasing the third Thor movie, called Thor: Ragnarok. But what is Ragnarok? And how does it connect to religion?

Da Vinci Painting of Jesus Being Sold For $100 Million

Da Vinci Painting of Jesus Being Sold For $100 Million

Da Vinci Painting Was Lost for Centuries, Now Will Be Auctioned Off Next Month A painting by Leonardo da Vinci, the 'Salvator Mundi' dating

Is Harry Potter A New Religion?

Is Harry Potter Becoming A New Religion?

New Podcast Creates Controversy About Learning Spirituality From Popular Book Series Harry Potter A prophet who returns from the dead. Betrayed by someone close

Mormons Dominate Competitive Dancing

Did You Know Mormons Dominate Competitive Dancing?

Contrary to Popular Opinion, Dancing is Huge in the Mormon Community. Mormons dominate the dancing scene. From big names like Julianne and Derek Hough

Dan Brown’s New Book “Origin” Discusses Religion

The book is already a blockbuster Dan Brown can now breathe easy. His new novel Origin has already topped sales on Amazon.[/tweetit] Fans of

How Religion Fits Into Blade Runner 2049

How Christianity Fits Into ‘Blade Runner 2049’

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Explores Relationship Between Humans and God It’s been 35 years since the original Blade Runner was released. The original dystopian

Dresses with Project Runway Tag

The First Ever Muslim Designer on ‘Project Runway’

Ayana Uses Unique Blend of Modesty and Culture in her Work Project Runway has been known to break out of the norm. As a

Uncharted Lost Legacy Video Game Booth at Conference

‘Uncharted’ is a New Video Game Influenced by Hinduism

Uncharted Lost Legacy Balances Culture with Entertainment Can we learn about religion and culture from video games? The release of a new game for